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Michael ZIMMERMAN (1706-1740) and Anna Elizabeth DODDERER (1709-1779)
s/o Andreas ZIMMERMAN (1672-1703) and Anna Elizabetha FREYBERGER (1681-1794)
d/o George Philip DODDERER (1676-1741) and Veronica Anna Schleipfer BUCHER (1674-1752)
p/o Margaret Maria ZIMMERMAN (1727-1795)

16 Jul 1705 Michael ZIMMERMAN, son of Andreas Zimmerman and Anna Elisabetha Freyberger born in Meckesheim, Rhein-Neckar-Kreis, Baden-Württemberg, Germany [Baden Lutheran Baptisms and Births: says birth was 1705 not 1706 as one other source says; lists baptism at Meckesheim, Baden and parents as Andreas Zimmerman and Elizabetha: event Taufe]

25 Dec 1709 Anna Elizabeth DODDERER born in Stebbach, Heilbronn, Baden-Württemberg, Germany; daughter of George Phillip and Veronica Dodderer; baptized 25 Oct 1710 (doc) (
The Dotterer Family, page 56: ANNA ELIZABETH DODDERER (George Philip Dodderer).
Born, in Europe, December 25, 1709; married (first), Michael Zimmerman; married (second), July 6, 1741, by the pastor of New Goshenhoppen Lutheran church, Jacob Kuir; died August 28, 1779; buried at Boehm's Reformed church, Whitpain township, Philadelphia (now
Montgomery) county, Pa. Michael Zimmerman died in Great Swamp), Bucks county, between February 8, 1741, and March 4, 1741. Jacob Kurr, born February 3, 1712; died March 25, 1797; buried at Boehm's Reformed church. Children of Anna Elizabeth Dodderer and Michael Zimmerman:
Anna Elizabeth Zimmerman

Michael Zimmerman
Veronica Zimmerman

Geoige Zimmerman
Mary Catharine Zimmerman
Children of Anna Elizabeth Dodderer and Jacob Kurr:
Anna Maria Kurr, born May 3, 1742; baptized, by the pastor of New Goshenhoppen Lutheran church, May 23, 1742; probably died in childhood
Magdalena Kurr, born July 28, 1743.
Susanna Kurr, born May 1, 1746.
Anna Maria Kurr, born April 19, 1749; died August 19, 1765; buried at Boehm's Reformed church.
Kurr (a son), born in June, 1750; died July 23, 1750, aged 5 weeks; buried at the Hosensack Valley Lutheran church, at Dillingersville, Pa.
Maria Elizabeth Kurr, born April 16, 1757; died September 25, 1762; buried at Boehm's Reformed church.)

26 Dec 1709 Anna Elizabeth DODDERER baptized at Stebbach, Baden [Baden Lutheran Baptisms, pp 38-39; lists George Phillip Dotterer and Frannika as parents]

18 Sep 1727 Michael ZIMMERMAN arrived in the Province of Pennsylvania on Ship William and Sarah with his mother and father and siblings: Andreas (Andrew) Zimmerman, Anna Elisabetha, and six children. From Rotterdam, through Dover. 109 Palatines on board. Michael ZIMMERMAN age 21 settled in Goshenhoppen, Montgomery, PA; Hans helped to set up and establish the Old Goshenhoppen Church along with Hans Michael Weiss, who also arrived on the same ship. The rest of his family settled in Berks County (now Schuykill County) [I believe Michael ZIMMERMAN and Anna Elizabeth DODDERER may have already been married before their journey from Rotterdam to Philadelphia] (3doc) [TEPPER, MICHAEL, editor. New World Immigrants: A Consolidation of Ship Passenger Lists and Associated Data from Periodical Literature. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1979. 568p. and 602p. Repr. 1980. Vol. 2. P.3, Source: 9144] [RUPP, ISRAEL DANIEL. A Collection of Upwards of Thirty Thousand Names of German, Swiss, Dutch, French and Other Immigrants in Pennsylvania from 1727 to 1776, with a Statement of the Names of Ships, Whence They Sailed, and the Date of Their Arrival at Philadelphia, Chronologically Arranged, Together with the Necessary Historical and Other Notes, also, an Appendix Containing Lists of More Than One Thousand German and French Names in New York prior to 1712. Leipzig [Germany]: p49; Source 7820]

21 Sep 1727 Michael ZIMMERMAN signed an oath of allegiance (doc)

1727 Michael ZIMMERMAN and Anna Elizabeth DODDERER married in PA (marriage date needs to be verified)

26 Sep 1727 dau Margaret Maria ZIMMERMAN born in Bethlehem, Lehigh, Pennsylvania; died in 1795 in Rockingham, VA; married Adam Rader abt 1761 in Bethlehem, Lehigh, Pennsylvania (birth date needs to be verified)

1731 The following preface was written: "A Record of the names of the Fathers of Families who belong to the congregation at New Goshenhoppen ‎(Montgomery, PA)‎: Michael Zimmerman

20 May 1733 son Johannes Michael ZIMMERMAN born Montgomery, Kanawha, West Virginia, USA; died Feb 1802 in Quemahoning, Somerset, Pennsylvania; married Anna Margaretha BELGOT

1733 Michael ZIMMERMAN was located as Goshenhoppen, Montgomery, PA until 1739 [
The Dotterer Family, p.57 states: “MICHAEL ZIMMERMAN. Michael Zimmerman lived in the Great Swamp region, Bucks county, Pa., before the counties of Northampton and Lehigh were detached from Bucks county. P. W. Flores, in his Skizzen aus dem Lecha-Thale (1880-1886), page 220, says: Michael Zimmerman took up from 1733-1739 at various times a total of more than 333 acres of land in the Hosensack Valley, and partly in Montgomery County, bordering on Hamilton’s tract. The land passed soon afterwards into the possession of his two sons, Michael Zimmerman jr and George Zimmerman. They received a patent therefor on the 23rd of May 1741, sold the greater part (255 acres) to Johannes Jund for £616 and moved to NC. Jund sold it three years later to Johan Roder of Berks Co, for £1423. Warrants were issued by the Land Office and surveys made to Michael Zimmerman (under the name Timmerman and Timberman) as follows: 150 ac in Philadelphia co, surveyed Feb 5 1733; 100 ac in Bucks Co, surveyed Sept 19, 1738; 333 acres in Philadelphia Co surveyed in 1741. June 10, 1737 Michael Zimmerman signed a petition for the erection of a township which was named Upper Milford, now part of Lehigh co. The Zimmerman family, to which Michael Zimmerman belonged, was Lutheran in its religious connection. Michael Zimmerman made a will, dated February 8, 1741, which was probated March 4, 1741. It contained these provisions:
Imprimix. My Wife Anna shall have in forehand the Lod that is the Wedding
Lod to have that free.
Secondly. My wife Anna shall have the thirds of chatties and Household Goods, but of the Lands she shall have the third.
Thirdly. My wife Anna shall have the seat on my plantation 'till my youngest Son George is one and twenty years old, and by this my youngest sons aforesaid age my Land to be divided between my two sons namely Michael the eldest and George the youngest and these shall pay unto my other children the three daughters namely Elizabeth ffronica and Catrina—according to appraisement by impartial men their full share only the daughters shall have out of the fund, & not of the land.
This now to perform I chose two Guardians over my Wife and children, Bernhart Doderer and George Zimmerman. * * MICHAEL ZIMMERMAN.
Witnesses: Peter Schuelp, Henry Seids.
The inventory was exhibited 6th May, 1741. It was headed thus:
"In the Nam of god this 27th Day of March In the year of our Lord one
thousand seven hundred and forty one we Barnabas Dutra and George
Zimberman have Chosen two Just and able men for to preaee the goods
of the said Michael Zimberman, desased which is Abraham Meyer and
Dcwald Magling. " Some of the more interesting items of the inventory,
which amounted to a total of £375 2 4, were the following:
Three Couse (cows) £ 9 0 0
Horned Chattle 11 15 0
the owl gray Horse 1 15 0
the young Gray Horse 5 10 0
the pay horse 6 0 0
the young Black Horse 5 15 0
the young pay Horse 5 10 0
the Mack mar and cold .5 5 0
the young pay mar 4 10 0
the sheep 2 0 0
the Winder Corne In the Ground 9 0 0
the Weat 4 7 6
the Plantation 200 0 0
Cash in the House at the time of his decease 64 3 0

1735 dau Anna Elisabeth ZIMMERMAN born Bucks, Pennsylvania; died 1 Mar 1802 in Lincoln, North Carolina; married John Johannes YOUNT in 1751 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

1735 Michael ZIMMERMAN helped in the founding of Old Goshenhoppen Church in 1735.

25 Apr 1736 dau (Fronegg) Veronica ZIMMERMAN born in New Goshenhoppen, Montgomery, Pennsylvania (one source says 9 May 1736)

1737 Michael ZIMMERMAN listed in PA Census in Philadelphia Co, PA

24 Sep 1740 son George ZIMMERMAN born in Upper Hanover, Montgomery, Pennsylvania; died 19 Sep 1793 in Lewistown, Frederick County, Maryland; married Maria Catharina CHRIST

1740 dau Mary Catherine ZIMMERMAN born in Bucks County, Pennsylvania; married John Hoffman; died 6 Mar 1813 in PA (one source says she and Veronica born same day 9 May 1736)

nd son Johann Jacob ZIMMERMAN born

8 Feb 1740 Michael ZIMMERMAN will was made

28 Feb 1740 Michael ZIMMERMAN died in Great Swamp, Bucks, Pennsylvania [do not confuse my Michael with Michael ZIMMERMAN (1732-1802) who is on the Mennonite lists and arrived in Philadelphia in 1753 (doc) or the Michael Zimmerman who served in Capt John Stone’s Co as a Private in 1781]

4 Mar 1740 Michael ZIMMERMAN will probated in Philadelphia Co., PA [F197: Wife Anna. Children: George, Michael, Elizabeth, Fronia, and Catrina. Guardians: Bernhardt Doderer and George Zimmerman (doc)]

2 Jul 1741 Following Michael ZIMMERMAN's death Anna Elizabeth DODDERER married Jacob KURR and they had Anna Maria b. 1742, Magdalena b. 1743 m. Jacob Roscher, Susannah (1746-1823) m. Jon Welker, Anna M. (1741-1765), son b. 1750 and Mattie Elizabeth (1757-1762)
8 Jun 1751 Veronica Anna Schleipfer BUCHER, widow of George Philip Dodderer and mother of Anna Elizabeth DODDERER, prepared a will (translated from the German): THE WIDOW'S WILL. Whereas I Veronica Dodderer now pretty old and the substance of my body very much decaying not knowing whether I have another day in this world to live but am yet in perfect mind & memory thanks be unto God therefore and in his merciful Hands I recommend my body and soul and I am very desirous to have peace among my children after my death with my little worldly estate I leave behind me for that reason I witness hereby with my whole mind that is to say first of all it is my Will that my son Conrad shall keep all that which lie was indebted to me to himself and pay nothing to the rest of my children of that he was Indebted to me. Secondly my son’s wife Anna Maria Doterer (Dotterer) shall have one of my biggest pieces of xxold and that first of all for her great kindnesses she did unto me, thirdly all the money and Bonds which I leave behind me after my Death shall the rest of my children that is to say Michael and Bernhard (Barnabus?) and all the Children of my deceased Son and Daughter as also the Children of my Daughter Anna shall be divided among them in equal shares I say it shall be divided in five parts and every one of my Children and as I have said their Children shall have a share when first my Sons Michael and Bernhard is paid for their Executors Charges which I hereby witness with my hand and subscription this 8th day of June 1751. her Henrich Antes. ' VEKONY X DODERER. P. Hannes Huebner. mark McCalls Mannor 9th December 1752, Then personally appeared John Heebner one of the witnesses to ye within Codicil & on his oath did declare that he saw and heard Veronica Dodderer- widow the Testatrix therein named sign publish & Declare the same Codicil for and as her last Will and Testament, and that at the doing thereof she was of sound mind, memory and understanding to ye best of his knowledge and that Henry Antes the other Witness thereto did also subscribe his name as a Witness in presence of xxxx at ye request of ye Testatrix. Coram. JOHN CAMPBELL, by Authority from William Plumsted, Regr. Genl. Veronica Dodderer having omitted to name an executor in her will, Michael Dodderer, her son, was appointed administrator of her estate. William Plumstead, Regr. (Jenl., &.G. To Michl. Dodderer Son of Veronica Dodderer deed.  Greeting. Whereas the said Veronica Dodderer in her life time made a Certain writing or Codicil under her hand bearing date the Eighth day of June 1751, purporting her last Will and Testament (a true Copy whereof is hereunto annexed) but named no Executors thereof she the said decedent having whilst she lived and at the time of her death divers good Rights and Credits within the said Province by means whereof the full disposition and power of granting the Administration of all & singular the goods Rights and Credits which were of said decedent, within the said Province and also the auditing the accounts Calculations and Reckonings of the said Admr. and the Probation and Approbation of the said Codicil to me manifestly known to belong. I desiring that the goods, rights and Credits which were of the said decedent may be well and truly administered Do hereby Grant unto you the said Michael Dodderer (in whose fidelity in this behalf I very much confide) by the Tenor of these presents to administer the goods rights and credits which were of the said decedent within the said Province and also to ask Collect, Levy, recover and receive the credits whatsoever of the said decedent, which at ye time of her death were owing or to her in any way belong and to pay the debts in which the said decedent stood obliged so far forth as the said goods, Rights and Credits will extend according to their Rate and Order of Law Especially of well and truly administering the goods, rights and Credits which were …

28 Aug 1779 Anna Elizabeth DODDERER died (age 69) in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania (headstone); buried at Boehm Cemetery, Blue Bell, Montgomery, PA

A History of the Goshenhoppen Reformed Charge: Montomery County, Pa (1727-1819) by Rev Wm John Hinke, 1920
The Dotterer Family by Henry S Dotterer, 1909