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John PRITLOWE (1669-1728) m. Elizabeth SOBRELL (1670-1728)
s/o Samuel Pritlowe (1640-1692) and Rachel WELCH (1638-1677)
d/o Anthony SEBRELL (1651-1714) and Martha _____ (1655-1718)

The Pritlowes were Quaker [Reference William Wade Hinshaw,
Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy, Volume 1, North Carolina, pg 16]

1 Nov 1669 John PRITLOWE born in New Kent, New Kent, VA [one source says Perquimans, NC; another source says Nansemond, VA] (oldest child of 4 children of Samuel PRITLOWE and RACHEL WELCH [one source says 1666]

1670 Elizabeth SOBRELL born in York, VA (oldest child of 6 children by Anthony SEBRELL and Martha _____)
27 Jun 1672 John Pritlowe’s father Samuel listed as Testor: (No. 25, Perquimans) Thomas KENT of Perquimans, Planter - “do assign all right to Land mentioned in Bill of Sale unto Ralph FLETCHER.” Test: Samuel PRICKLOVE. Thomas HARRIS, Clerk of Court.

1677 John Pritlowe’s father Samuel took part in the Culpepper Rebellion and assisted in "leading the rabble" to depose the Deputy Governor Thomas Miller. For this crime of activism, Pricklove was sentenced to have his right ear amputated and be banished from the colony. The sentence was never carried out because Miller was deposed. [From
History of Perquimans County North Carolina by Mrs. Watson Winslow the following: "This family was united with the Quaker faith, but Samuel strayed far from the fold, "by taking up arms" and following the rebellion with the redoubtable Durant, at the time Thomas Miller was deposed from the Government 1677-79. For his part in this insurrection, he suffered the disgrace of being in the "Pillory", and had his right ear amputated, and was sentenced to banishment form the Colony.] [Rebellion in Albemarle: Lords, noe Landgraves, noe cassiques, we renounce them all and fly to the King’s protection.”* In the following election, the eighteen members of the Assembly chosen were the leaders of the revolt: Thomas Cullen (Speaker), James Blount, Anthony Slocum, John Vernham, Henry Bonner, John Jenkins, Samuel Pricklove, William Therril, Caleb Calleway, Alexander Lillington, William Crawford, Valentine Bird, William Jennings, Thomas Jarvis, Enoch Billings, Richard Saunders, Patrick White, and William Sears. The election of Sears, a drummer in the militia, was considered by the prisoners a new low in government.—Upheaval in Albemarle: The Story of Culpeper's Rebellion] [A Register of Rebellion—Samuel Pricklove:Although not a leader in Culpeper’s Rebellion, Samuel Pricklove seems to have been involved as one of the primary subordinates. He had been in Albemarle in 1662 and probably earlier. Pricklove acted as messenger carrying the “Remonstrance” of the inhabitants of Pasquotank into Perquimans and was arrested by Marshal Edward Wade. He was later elected a member of the rebel “Parliament” of 1677. In 1680, as Deputy Surveyor-General to Timothy Biggs, Pricklove was arrested and imprisoned when he was sent by Biggs to investigate the operations of Robert Holden.] [Samuel Pricklove a resident of Perq Precinct, prior to the coming of George Durant 1661, whose land was adj said grant to Durant from the Indian Chief, had his own grant directly from Sir Wm Berkeley. No mention of a grant to Samuel Pricklove can be found in Perq, but the records make mention of the fact that he had a grant from before stated source. Samuel Pricklove is supposed to have come to Perq from Nansemond Co Va, where that family was strongly entrenched. This family was united with the Quaker faith, but Samuel strayed far from the fold, “by taking up arms” and following the rebellion with the redoubtable Durant, at the time Thomas Miller was deposed from the Government 1677-79. For his part in this insurrection, he suffered the disgrace of being in the “Pillory,” and had his right ear amputated, and was sentenced to banishment from the Colony. The records do not show whether this drastic punishment was really carried out, but we do know his descendants remained in Perquimans. He was dec’d Apl 20, 1692, without a will, so no definite means can be found to establish his issue; except for one son whose age is given in the Berkeley Par Reg: His wife was Rachel, née Larance, m June 1, 1668, by whom he had son: Samuel b Dec 24, 1674, and it is thought another son (John) born before this date, of whom there is no birth date.]
1678/79 John Pritlowe’s father Samuel listed as Testor: (No. 48, Perquimans) John ELDIN, to Wm. STEWARD & Samuel GREEN, “a parcel of Land adjacent lands of James PERISHO, with two sows & five shoats, now running on said Land.” Test: Sam’l PRICKLOVE, Geo HARRIS.

6 Jun 1683 John Pritlowe’s father Samuel listed as Testor: (Deed No. 23, Perquimans) Francis TOMS, with consent of Abigail my wife (John LACY Dec’d, her former husband) do give right of land at the head of Yeopim Creek, 300 a. called “John LACYs Plantation” unto William CHARLES. Test. Joseph GOODMAN, Samuel PRICKLOVE.

5 Mar 1687 John Pritlowe’s father Samuel listed on deed: (No. 26, Perquimans) Samuel PRICKLOVE of Perquimans River, Planter - in consideration of 45 Pounds paid by John DURANT of same, sold a patent of land given from Thomas LEPPER to John DAVIS, from him to said DURANT and from him to myself. Test: Wm. CHAPMAN, Richard EIVENS.

18 Apr 1689 John Pritlowe’s father Samuel listed as Testor: April 18, 1689. (No. 59, Perquimans) Robert SMITH assigns right to within mentioned “bill of Sale” to Wm. BARTLETT. Robert & Ann SMITH. Test: Henry WHITE. Samuel PRICKLOVE, Reg of Writings for Perquimans Precinct.

29 Jun 1689 John Pritlowe’s father Samuel listed as Testor: (No. 45, Perquimans) Thomas SANFORD of Perquimans, to Wm. BOGUE, his right to Land in the “Narrows” of Perquimans River, on Northeast side thereof - adjacent lands of Richard BYAR. Test: Sam’l PRICKLOVE, Israel SNELLIN.

1690 John PRITLOWE (age 21) married Elizabeth SEBRELL in Perquimans Co., NC.

11 Jun 1691 dau Priscilla PRITLOWE born in Perquimans, NC; at age 23 married John SANDERS on 8 Mar 1716 in Perquimans, NC at home of her parents; died 12 Aug 1727 (John SANDERS married 2
nd to Ann HOLMES abt 1732 in Cumberland, Cumberland, NC after the death of Priscilla)

13 Jun 1692 dau Rachael PRITLOWE born in Perquimans, NC; married Robert WILSON (son of a VA Burgess) abt 1712; died 12 Aug 1727 {Robert Wilson’s estate probated June 1758]

1692 John Pritlowe’s father Samuel died in Perquimans County, NC [between 1672 and 1692 Samuel was witness to at least 6 land transactions in Perquimans Co.]

1 Jan 1694 Pricklove, John, had a grant for land in Perq, 400a on Perq River, “at the mouth of Wolf pitt branch,” adj Jonathan Phelps. Jan 1, 1694. As Jonathan Phelps land lay on the mouth of same branch, up Castletons Creek, we may infer that John Pricklove lived near Hertford.

9 July 1694 Perquimans Precinct Court: John Pricklow proved 5 transportation rights: himself, Elizabeth his wife, Priscilla his daughter, Rachel his daughter, Rebecca Sebrel. Warrant given 14 July 1694.2 (Its probable that Rebecca Sebrel was the sister of John’s wife, Elizabeth.)

4 Jan 1695 dau Leah PRITLOWE born in Perquimans, NC; married (1) Joseph SMITH 16 Jun 1716 who died 20 Mar 1732; (2) Thomas WINSLOW on 7 Jun 1734; Leah died 1735 [grandparents of Mary Smith, wife of William Hill. John Smith, brother of Mary Hill, was one of the founders of Richmond, Indiana. Basil Sanders, who left 860 acres of land in Chowan County to a William Hill of Antigua in 1721, was likely the son of one of the above Sanders couples.]

2 Oct 1696 dau Judith PRITLOWE born in Perquimans, NC; married Abraham SANDERS 16 Jun 1716 in Perquimans, NC [one source says Albemarle, Perquimans] [Abraham Sanders purchased the "Vineyard Plantation" which is today known as the Newbold-White house, the oldest remaining house in North Carolina.]

25 Apr 1699 dau Elizabeth Sarah PRITLOWE born in Perquimans, NC; married William ELLIOTT 16 Jun 1716 at Perquimans MM, NC; died 1728 in Perquimans, NC

30 Jan 1701 John PRITLOWE was on the list of tithables for Perquimans Precinct
8 Jul 1701 John Pritlowe petitioned Court in Perquimans: at house of Capt. Anthony DAWSON. Robert INKRSOME “sheweth that Walter SESTION is ded Haven Made no Will” prays for administration on his estate “having married Rellock of said SESTION.” (This means, that INKRSOME married SESTION’s widow (relict) & wants to administer SESTION’s estate/ekh) John PRICKLO petitioned the Court that “ffrancis BEDSON (BELSON Lay Sick at His ____ (House). A long time, who died and was Buried At His on Cost, now prays for Custodie of his Estate.”

30 Mar 1704 John Pritlowe’s brother Samuel acquired 400 acres in Perquimons pct, joining the mouth of a small creek issuing out of Lilly's Creek the moth of another small creek an the said Lilly's Creek [NC Patent Book One page 126] [The will of Samuel Pricklove was proved March 29, 1703.]

5 Dec 1704 dau Miriam PRITLOWE born in Perquimans, NC; died Sep 1720
10 Dec 1705 dau Rebecca PRITLOWE born in Perquimans, NC; died Jul 1728; married Zachariah CHANCEY [who in 1735 charged Gabriel NEWBY of Perquimans in Court, August 6, 1735 for Newby’s use of “wicked Boastful Malitious Scanderlous and Oprobius English words” against CHANCEY causing him “great unrest and in fear of harm to his good name and Office”; therefore, asked Court to administer either “Corporal or Pecuniary punishment” upon NEWBY to deter him from using “libelious words.”

2 Mar 1706 son John PRITLOWE born in Perquimans, NC; died 1728

8 Sep 1720 John Pritlowe will written

1 May 1728 John PRITLOWE died (age 58) [one source says Perquimans, NC]; John Pricklove, Will p in Perq, May 1, 1728, names Dau’s: Rachel Wilson (wife of Robert) Judith Sanders, Elizabeth Eliot, gr-son John Smith, wife Elizabeth. [Will of John Pritlowe #392 Perquimans Co., NC dated 8 Sep 1720, proved 1 May 1728.Wife Elizabeth, all my estate during widowhood & then as follows.Daughter Rachel Willson-bed.Grandson John Smith-bed. Daughter Judith Sanders-100 acres where she now lives & 100 acres from where I now live. Daughter Elizabeth Eliot-625 acres where I now live & at her death then to her son Pritlowe Eliot.Daughter Rebeckah Pritlowe ___ acres in Contenty;should she die without issue, then to my grandson John Smith. Should said wife marry, then personal estate to my daughters Rachell, Leah, Judith & Elizabeth & my granddaughters Judith & Priseilah (daughters of my daughter Priseilah).] [PRITLOWE, JOHN September 8, 1720. May 1, 1728. Daughters: RACHEL WILLSON, JUDITH SANDERS, ELIZABETH ELIOT. Grandson: JOHN SMITH. Wife and Executrix: ELIZABETH. Witnesses: JOSEPH JESSOP and ROBERT MOORE. Proven before RICHARD EVERARD. (Source: Abstracts of North Carolina Wills, By: J. Bryan Grimes, Secretary of State, 1910, Page 303)]
23 Jul 1728 Elizabeth SOBRELL died (age 58); Pricklove, Elizabeth, will p in Perq July 23, 1728, names Dau’s: Leah Smith, Rachel Wilson, Priscilla Sanders, Rebecca Chancey, gr-children: John Smith, Silvanus Willson, Judith, & Priscilla Sanders. As a dau Priscilla is named in her will & not in his, Elizabeth may have been a widow when she m John Pritlow. [Summary of the will of Elizabeth Pritlowe (spelled various ways), proved on July 23, 1728, as found in North Carolina colonial records:
Daughter Leah Smith-negro man Peter.
Grandson John Smith-bed.
Grandson Selvans Willson-bed.
Granddaughter Rachel Willson
[1]-negro boy Minga.
Granddaughters Judith & Priscila, daughters of Priscila Sanders-negro girl Doll.
Daughter Rebecca Chancey-negroes Will, Jeb, __an, boy Peter.
3 daughters Leah, Judet, Rebecah-pewter.
Division of the estate of John & Elizabeth Pricklove 8,9,10,18 May 1728 by Thoms. Peirce Sr, Peter (X) Jones Sr & Francis Toms.
Devisees: To Leah Smith; to John Smith (received old negro man Peter, girl Doll); signed by Joseph(X) Smith & Leah Smith.
To Judeth Saunder (received negro boy Mingo); signed by Abraham(X) Sanders, Judith Sanders.
To Elisabeth Elliot (received woman Deb).
To Rebecca Chancey (received Jone); signed by Zachariah Chancey.
To Robt. Wilson. To Judith & Priscilla Sanders (received boy Peter).] [PRICKLOVE, ELIZABETH July 23, 1728. Daughters: LEAH SMITH, RACHEL WILLSON, PRISCILA SANDERS, REBECCA CHANCEY, JUDITH. Grandchildren: JOHN SMITH, SEL- VANUS WILLSON, JUDETH and PRESCILLA SANDERS. Executor: DANIEL CHANCY. Proven before RICH'D EVERARD by ELIZABETH ELIOT.  (Source: Abstracts of North Carolina Wills, By: J. Bryan Grimes, Secretary of State, 1910, Page 302)]