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Adam RADER (1727-1783) m. Margaret Maria ZIMMERMAN (1727-1795)
s/o Hans Adam RADER (1706-1773) m. Anna Barbara Bender PAINTER (1708-1773)
d/o Michael ZIMMERMAN (1706-1740) m. Anna Elizabeth DODDERER (1709-1779)

2 Jul 1706 Hans Adam (father) born at Mutterstadt, Germany [one source says Hans Adam Roder was baptized June 2, 1706 at the Mutterstadt Church. Present were his parents Hans Adam and Katharina Roder, and his grandparents Adam and Anna Maria Roder.]

1724 Hans Adam (father) and family immigrated. Adam and Anna Barbara came to the new world about 1724 with Adam's mother and possibly his sister, her husband and their children. There is not ship record of the Roder family from 1720-1724. The New Goshenhoppen Church records in Pennsylvania gives the year of emigration as 1724.

Aug 1727 Adam RADER born at Bethlehem, Leigh, PA

26 Sep 1727 Margaret Maria ZIMMERMAN born at Bethlehem, Leigh, PA [Margaretha was a niece to Susanna Zimmerman, who was wife of Michael Rader (generation 3) and an uncle of Adam] [one source says 1729 at Rockingham, VA]

1731 The first known records of the Roder family in Pennsylvania are found in the Falkner Swamp Reformed Church where Adam, son of Adam and Katharina Roder, was a member in 1731. Records from this church shows a Michael Roder becoming the 17th member of that church] In March of 1731 - Adam was a resident of Falker Swamp - Hanover Tws -Montgomery Co.   As recorded in "Life and Letters", Rev John Philip Bachm? as a deacon of Falkes Reformed Church in on June 6, 1740. Feb 26, 1744 was naturalized Sept 25, 1740 which is shown in Phil. Cocourt records.  Last appears in PA records in 1744. Falkes Swamp lies about 10 miles south of Goshenhoppen and east of Greenville PA.

6 Jan 1740 They settled in Falkner Swamp, Hanover twp, PA. He was a deacon at the Falkner Swamp Reformed Church on January 6, 1740. February 26, 1744, is the last time his name appeared in the Pennsylvania Records. He was naturalized in Philadelphia on 22 September 1740.

1745 Hans Adam and Anna Barbara Roder arrived in Virginia ca 1745, since the Revolutionary records show Adam's son, Anthony birth occurred in 1745 in Augusta County, VA. Adam is also found in the Augusta County Vestry book in 1746 and 1748 and in land transactions dating from 1747.

1745 Hans Adam and his sister Anna married Alexander Bender and his sister Anna. Both couples moved to Virginia. They went to Timberville VA about 1745 with Alexander Painter and Margaret Painter. He owned 1500 acres and operated a lead mine on the property. First record of Adams arrival in VA is found in Augusta Co. parish vestry book which shows him on church rolls in 1746.  Obviously moved from Falkes Swamp to Timberville from 1744-1746.

4 Jun 1746 Adam RADER and Margaret Maria ZIMMERMAN married at Bethlehem, Leigh, PA

26 Jul 1748 Joseph Spangenberg and Matthew Reutz from Bethlehem, PA kept a diary of their journeys. It says "On the morning of July 26, 1748 they came to a marked path. It brought them to a salt lick which is frequented by the elks and where they are usually shot by hunters. A kind spirit led them to the right way which they continued their journey, till they came in the evening to a German plantation. Here Adam Roder lives, whose mother, 86 years of age lives at Makuntsche (Maucungie, now Emmaus, Lehigh Co., PA) and belongs to the Moravian congregation." The missionaries were now in the vicinity of Timberville, Rockingham Co., VA. About one mile west of this place stands Rader's church, which is known to be one of the oldest places in Rockingham. The diary of Rev. Charles Lange, pastor at Frederick, MD who visited the congregation 17 APR 1768 (see "Fathers of the Reformed Church", Vol 11, p 154) [Adam RADER was a settler near Timberville, Virginia in 1748. It was here that the Moravians, Joseph SPANGENBERG and Matthew REUTZ stopped, 27 July 1748, on their journey to Massanutten.
Virginia Magazine, Vol.XI, No.3, p.240]

23 Dec 1748 From Chalkley's: Page 128.--23d December, 1748. John Johnston's will--Wife, Hannah. Executors, wife and John Dobins. Teste: Adam Reder, Mathias Reeder, Wm. James. Proved, 17th May, 1749, by all witnesses. Both executors granted administration.

16 Aug 1749 From Chalkley's: Page 170.--16th August, 1749. John Johnston's appraisement by John Miller, Adam Rider, Thomas Moore.

1750 Adam and Margaretha lived in Augusta Co., VA for a short period of time. Their oldest son Michael reported he was born in 1750 in Augusta Co., VA. They apparently returned to Pennsylvania to lived near Adam's uncle, John Michael Rader, in Upper Hanover Twp, Montgomery Co., PA.

8 Mar 1750 son Michael W RADER born; served in Rev War; married Catherina Long on 25 Dec 1769. Lived betw New Market and Timberville through 1790s and later moving to Mason, VA; died 1830 [in the lower part of what be came Rockingham County, Virginia, but was then Augusta County. His parentage has not been determined. The records of Shenandoah County first mention him in 1772 when he purchased two tracts of land: 25-25 September 1772 - John Sulcer of Dunmore County to Michael Rader of same. Lease and release; for £300 current money. Two tracts, one on the south river of Shanandoah joining to Mathias Sulver's land ... granted to Mathias Sulver ... 170 acres and 80 perches. The other being the upper lot of 15 acres of meadow set apart to John Sulcer, being part of the original tract. ..John Sulcer Witnesses: Burr Harrison, Rd. Branham, Abraham Brewbaker [signed in German ], Wm. Slaughter. 23 February 1773 - Proved by Abraham Brewbaker and Richard Branham. 21 April 1773 - Proved by Burr Harrison, Gent. He was actively engaged in service during the American Revolution. On 27 August 1832 he made a declaration concerning his service: Michael Rader of Mill Creek in Jackson County, aged 81 years 6 months and 19 days, declares he entered service in the latter part of 1777 by raising a volunteer company in Shenandoah County, Virginia, at Massanuten and took command of the company as captain. They marched to Winchester and joined the troops commanded by Capt. Reddicken, Capt. Bauling, Capt. Nishswanger and Capt. Buck, each with his company. They marched together to Fort Pitt and when they arrived Gen. Hand took command and the troops went from Fort Pitt to Wheeling by water and then remained the balance of their tour of duty and were discharged there. They returned to Shenandoah County and he was appointed a major about 1 May 1778 and marched as major to Fort Pitt, having under his command two companies under Captains John Rouch and Abraham Byrd. After arriving at Fort Pitt they were ordered to proceed to Carnes Fort on Dickard's Creek about six miles from Morgantown and took the command of the fort. His documentary evidence was accidentally destroyed except one record he submitted Later in the year 1793 he moved to Greenbrier County where other members of the Rader family also settled. He was taxed there: 1794 Greenbrier Co., Taxes Michael Reder 1 white male tithe 4 slaves over 16, one aged 12-16 6 horses. He purchased land in Greenbrier County: 28 June 1796 - Samuel Brown and his wife Elizabeth of Greenbrier County to Michael Rader. For 5 shillings. 390 acres, part of a patent to said Brown 1 September 1795 on the north side of his improvement ... on the knobs ... by a road marked SB ... Saml. Brown Elizabeth Brown 1796- Acknowledged and dower relinquished by Elizabeth Brown. He continued to reside there for about ten years, being taxed for the last time in 1803: 1803 Michael Reader. 3 white male tithes 7 slaves aged over 16 9 horses. The next year when Mason County was organized, Michael Rader was one of the gentlemen who met at Point Pleasant and on 3 July 1804 qualified as justices of the county. He sat as a member of the Court which on 22 August 1 805 met to determine whether Jacob Rambo was guilty of felony and from time to time thereafter, although since his residence was some distance from Point Pleasant he was not frequently in attendance at the monthly meetings of the Court. This sketch taken from:
Pioneers of Jackson County, by John House, It appears in the section Upper Mill Creek. Rader Family Michael Rader lived on the first farm up Elk. He owned at one time several thousand acres of land, including the lower part of Elk Fork and Mill Creek, up to above where Hamp Parish now lives, all lower Station Camp, and a large part of Frozen Camp. He lived at the Mackintosh farm, about a mile up from Mill Creek, where he moved from Mason County before 1810, probably 1808. He was born in the Shenandoah Valley, of Pennsylvania Dutch sto..]

22 Aug 1751 From Chalkley's: Page 409.--22d August, 1751. Henry Carson's appraisement by John Dobikin, Adam Reader, Alex. Painter.

21 Nov 1751 Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's: Page 492.--21st November, 1751. Thomas West and Christian (tiana) to Adam Rider, 1751, 186 acres on Willing's Creek of North River of Shanandore. Delivered: George Rider, 26th April, 1755.

1752 son Shadrack Rader born at Bethlehem, Leigh, PA [Shadrack lived in Loudon Co., VA most of his life. He came to Loudon with his parents Adam and Margaret when they moved from Pennsylvania in 175 9. Shadrack stayed after the rest of his family moved to Shenandoah Co, VA, just north of Timberville, VA. Shadrack served as a Corporal in the Revolutionary War between 1775 and 1783 under First Lieutenant William Powell, Captain William Johnson and Colonel Morgan. In April 1790, according to " Virginia History, Loudon County in the Revolution," John Lewis, Gent. was sent to furnish the wife of Shadrack Reeder (supplies), William Elzey to furnish the wife of Shadrack Reeder (supplies). Josiah Claphan to apply to the Treasurer for 500 pounds to be placed in the hands of John Lewis, Gent, to supply the necessaries of life for those who have husbands or children in the Continental Army.]

25 Dec 1752 From Chalkley's: Page 476.--25th December, 1752. Peter Cotner's will. Yeoman. Eldest son, George; 2d son, Peter. Daughter, Mary, infant, under 18. Wife, Mary. Four children. (George is to pay his youngest brother £__ of coming of age). Teste: Michael Waren, Samuel Holdman, Thos. Moore. Executors, wife, Mary, and Adam Rider. Proved, 21st March, 1753, by all witnesses; Danl. holdman and executors qualify, with surety Jacob Bare. (Note: this is probably Peter Koiner (Coiner))

1753 son Martin Rader born at Bethlehem, Leigh, PA

20 May 1754 son Conrad Rader born; served in Rev War; married Sarah Mary Wolfe on 3 Feb 1784 at Shenandoah, VA [Conrad Rader Rockingham County Private Virginia State Troops $21.44 Annual Allowance $64.32 Amount Received March 15, 1833 Pension Started Age 78 Rader, Conrad, Rockingham Co., October 20, 1834 on the motion of Mary Rader and for satisfactory evidence appearing in Court. It is ordered to be certified to the pension agency at Richmond VA that Conrad Rader, who was a Revolutionary War Pensioner of the United States died on the 23rd day of July 1834 and that the said Mary is his widow. Also the Executor, Administrative and Guardian Bond Book of October 1834 gives the decedent, Conrad Rader, executor, Henry Rader, Bondsman, John Hopkins for 100 pounds. His will was declared on August 20, 1832 in the Rockingham Co., Court Records.]

1755 Processioning List of 1755: "Processioning" was the periodic review and agreement of property lines between settler's lands. Processioning Lists are useful indetermining the general area of a settlers lands and their neighbors at specific time periods: Vol. 2 - Page 150.--1755: Thos. Moore and David Robson processioned as follows, viz: For Adam Reader, present Arnold Custard, Alex. Painter; for Adam Burd; for Nicholas Cane, present his son, Daniel Cane; for John Miller; for Wm. Pickins; for Jno. Porting; for Wm. Caslberry; for Wm. Hopkins, present Thos. Shanklin; for Francis Green; for Thomas Gordon; for James Beggs, present Uriah Humble; for Jacob Bare; for Jacob Trumbo, present Amrode Lamb; for Rees Thomas, present Jno. Thomas; for John Bare; for Thomas Moore, present Francis Hieghl; for David Robson.

1756 son Henry Rader born at Bethlehem, Leigh, PA; married Magdalena Gordon on 25 Jul 1791 [GSA records show Henry claimed he had moved to Loudon Co., VA in 1769 from Bethlehem PA along with the other members of his family, then to Shenandoah Co., in 1776 or 1777; that he served in the Loudon Co. Militia on January 1, 1782; that he was drafter in Shenandoah Co. for 2 months under Captain Downle and Col. Niswanger at Winchester Barracks; that he was again drafted in the fall of 1781 and marched to Bowling Green, Carolina Co, VA to guard prisoners at Noland's Ferry on the Potomac River, under the command of General Thorn; That in 1780 he was impressed, with his wagon to carry the sick prisoners; that the wagon belonged to Reuben Moore. Brother Conrad and brother in law Lawrence Houdeshell were given as proof. Henry Rader Rockingham County Private Virginia Militia $25.54 Annual Allowance $85.62 Amount Received May 15, 1833 Pension Started Age 77 On August 4, 1823 Henry Rader was executor, and Conrad Rader was bondsman ( $100) for Jacob Hoover.]

1757 Virginia, Land, Marriage, and Probate Records lists Adam Rader, Book 7-442 as a grantor of 100 ac. On North River of Shanandoah. This land record was originally published in "Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia, 1745-1800. Extracted from the Original Court Records of Augusta County" by Lyman Chalkley. Signed in German: Adam Rader, Bora/Barbara Radjiou to Mathias Rader/Rider. Part of 400 acres patented to Cornelius Robinson 15 Mar 1744 and conveyed by him to Adam Rader. Alexander Painter (his brother in law) deeded 3 acres of land to Peter Scholl - for Presb. Church and to Michael Neely - for Lutheran Church for building of meeting houses.  Land presumably lay between the tracts of Adam and Alexander.  On it was built first Rader church organized in 1757.  This church has existed continously since and in 1922, a history  of it was published which however contains no data of historical value on Rader family.

1757 Augusta County Deed Book 7, page 445, 1757
  Adam Rader and Barbara (signed  in German). [Disposition of Land from Chalkley's: Page 442.--___, 1757. Adam Rader and Barbara (signed in German, Adam Rader, Bora ( ) Rädjiou) to Matbias Rader (Rider), £50, 100acres, part of 400 acres on North River of Shanando, patented to Cornelius Robinson, 15th March, 1744, and conveyed by him to Adam. Page 445.-- 1757. Same (Adam Rader and Barbara (signed in German, Adam Rader, Bora ( ) Rädjiou)) to Alex. Painter (Bender), £50, 250 acres, part of 480 acres above, a corner made for the division of Mathias Rader's part. Delivered: George Skiliron, 13th March, 1761.

10 Feb 1757 From Chalkley's: Page 383.--10th February. 1757. Jno. Bumgardner, Jr., heir to Jno. Bumgardner, deceased, to Robert Ellet (Elliot), £15, 250 acres on a branch of Cub Run. Teste: Uriah Humble, Adam Reder. Delivered: Robert Elliot. November, 1758.

10 Mar 1757 Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's: Page 416.--10th March, 1757. Cornelius Robinson, of Anson County and Province North Carolina, to Adam Reider (Rider), £60, 400 acres on North River Shannando on both sides Fort Run. Teste: Michael Warren. Page 418.--10th March, 1757. Same to same (Cornelius Robinson, of Anson County and Province North Carolina, to Adam Reider (Rider)). Whereas Cornelius empowered to make deed for this land by will of his father, Charles Robinson, which will is recorded in Anson County Court in North Carolina, as appears by the copy certified by the Clerk, Jno. Frohock, £60, 400 acres on a branch of North River of Shanando called Fort Run.

1761 settlers petitioned for a road from Adam Raders mines, connecting the great road to the court house and was authorized in 1767. Adam Rader owned and opperated lead mines -located 2 miles w. of Timberville and about 1 miles from Raders Church. Recorded in
VA magazine, Vol 34, page 277 in Chalkleys abstracts and their records??? his descendants to ?? colonial societies - records show his mines made lead for the colonial wars.

1761 dau Susanna Rader born at Bethlehem, Leigh, PA; married Lawrence Houdeshell abt 1781 [Baptism: 6 Feb 1761 Egypt Reform Church, Whitehall Twp, Lehigh Co, P A. It was recorded, "Susanna, the daughter of Adam."]

4 Feb 1761 son Adam Rader born; served in Rev War; married Christina Miller on 16 Nov 1815 [Adam and Ana lived in Rockingham Co., Va are listed on the tax rolls from 1782 until 1814. Adam and Christina Miller Rader owned land in Rockingham Co., and sold it to John Higgens on October 1, 1817, Both Adam and Christina used X for their signature on the deed. John Higgens was the husband of Susan Rader, who was the daughter of Conrad Rader. Adam and Christina Rader sold their property October 1, 1817 in Rockingham Co, VA and arrived in Fairfield Co., OH early in December 1817.]

8 Feb 1761 On February 8, 1761 Adam and his wife were listed as members of the Egypt Reformed Church, near Bethlehem, PA. Adam and his family moved from Pennsylvania to Loudon Co., VA according to their son, Conrad Rader's Revolutionary War pension application. About eleven years later they moved to Shenandoah Co., VA near his father's plantation.

12 Mar 1761 Augusta County Deed Book 7, page 445, ________1757
 Same to Alexander Painter, 50 pounds, 350 acres part of 480 acres above, a corner made for division of Mathias Rader’s pat.  Del. George Skiliron 13 March 1761.

2 Aug 1761 Disposition of Land from Chalkley's: Page 437.--2d August, 1761. Adam Reder and Barbary ( ) to Alexander Painter, £5, adjoining land said Paitner lives on. Raider's old patent, 20 acres. Teste: Burr Harrison, Robert Peyton, Andrew ( ) Trumboer.

5 Aug 1761 Disposition of Land from Chalkley's: Page 446.--5th August, 1761. Same (Adam Raider and Barbary) to Teter Couts, £10, on Walnut Creek, branch of North River of Shanando, James Gill's old patent, being same 186 acres taken up by said James. Teste: John Thomas, Robert Williams, Frederick ( ) Benter. Delivered: Teter Couts, February, 1779.

10 Aug 1761 Augusta County Deed Book 9, page 439, 8-10-1761  Adam Raider and Barbary to Mathios Raider, 20 pounds, 200 acres, adj. land Matthios lives on. Cor. Alex. Painter.  Test: burr Harrison,  Robert Peyton, Andres Trumboer. From Chalkley's: Page 411.--10th August, 1761. Jacob Bear (Bare, Bair) and Barbary () to John Bare, £20. on Fort Run; cor. Raider's land, 130 acres. Teste: Burr Harrison, Adam Rcder, Mathias Reder. Dieivered: Jas. Craig, February, 1763. [Disposition of Land from Chalkley's: Page 439.--10th August, 1761. Adam Raider and Barbary to Matthios Raider, £20, 100 acres adjoining land Matthios lives on; cor. Alex. Painter. Teste: Burr Harrison, Robert Peyton, Andrew ( ) Trumboer. Page 442.--10th August, 1761. Same (Adam Raider and Barbary) to George Rader, £20, adjoining land Adam lives on, 200 acres.

12 Aug 1761 Augusta County Deed Book 9, page 437, 8-12-1761  Adam Raider and Barbary to Alexander Painter, 5 pounds, adj. and of said Painter lives on.  Raider’s old pat. 20 acres. wit: burr Harrison, Robert Peyton, Andres Trumboer

1764 From Chalkley's: Page 358.--21st _____, 1764. Cathrine Painter's estate appraised by Adam Rider, Mathias Beder. (Note: the "Mathias Beder" (probably Bender) listed in this record is most likely related to Adam Rader's wife, Anna Bender).

15 May 1764 Augusta County Will Book 3, page 337, 5-15-1764  Alexander Painter’s bond (with Henry Long) as adm. of Catherine Painter.

20 May 1765 Augusta County Deed Book 19, page 227, 5-20-1765.  Adam Reider and Anna, and Alexander Painter (Peinter) and Margaret, to Peter Schol, and Michal Neise, divers good cause * and considerations there unto moving, but more especially for the Glory of God and the Preaching of His Precious Gospel, lease, small quantity of land for the building of a church or proper place to meet to worhip God in. “Alexander Painter and Adam Rader donated land in 1765 for the building of "Raders Lutheran Church" in Rockingham County, Virginia. A monument was erected in commemoration of the donation. From Chalkley's: Page 227.--20th May, 1765. Adam Reider and Anna, and Alexander Painter (Peinter) and Margret, to Peter Schol and Michael Neice, divers good causes and considerations thereunto moving, but more especially for the Glory of God and the Preaching his Precious Gospel, lease, small quantity of land for the building of a church house or proper place to meet to worship God in, to Peter Scholl in behalf of the Presbyterian Church and to Michael Neice in behalf of the church called the Lutherine Church, back of said meeting house where it now stands, three acres. Delivered: 16th February, 1785. {Disposition of Land from Chalkley's: Page 227.--20th May, 1765. Adam Reider and Anna, and Alexander Painter (Peinter) and Margret, to Peter Schol and Michael Neice, divers good causes and considerations thereunto moving, but more especially for the Glory of God and the Preaching his Precious Gospel, lease, small quantity of land for the building of a church house or proper place to meet to worship God in, to Peter Scholl in behalf of the Presbyterian Church and to Michael Neice in behalf of the church called the Lutherine Church, back of said meeting house where it now stands, three acres. Delivered: 16th February, 1785.

1765 Adam Rider adjoining Mathias Roads. (Mathias Rader) [ABSTRACTS OF LAND SURVEYS]

abt 1766 son John Rader born at Shenandoah, V; married Sarah Catherine Slater on 10 Jun 1794 [Marriage Bond date June 8, 1794 Shenandoah Co., VA. They were married on June 10, 1794 in Woodstock, VA. Her parents were Thomas and Sarah Slater.] [one source says 1751]

6 Dec 1766 From Chalkley's: On Dec 6, 1766 Adam leased to Jacob Hite of Frederick for 10 years, the 100 acre tract containing the lead mines, NE of where Adam lived at 200# yearly for the purpose of working mines. Adam & his wife, Anna Barbara are probably both buried in grave yard adjacent to Raders Church near Timberville. Children; Adam, Matthias, George, Anthony, Elizabeth, Rachael - and daughter. [Disposition of Land from Chalkley's: Page 237.--6th December, 1766. Adam Rider to Jacob Hite, gent., of Frederick, covenant and yearly rent. Lease of tract known as Rider's hundred acres tract, northwest of tract whereon Adam now lives, 100acres, for ten years, at yearly rental of £200; said mine or mines which are now opened or any other that may be hereafter opened, lease may be extended if the mines prove profitable.

May 1768 From Chalkley's: Page 2.--__ day of May, 1768. George Reader and Margaret ( ) to Jacob Kiblinger, £, a certain tract of land in Frederick which said Kiblinger formerly lived on that he purchased of Peter Cotten's heirs, 200 acres at a place called Sinking Spring; corner land Adam Reader lives on. Delivered: Daniel Rose, June, 1779.

abt 1769 son Reuben Rader born at Shenandoah, VA; married Barbara Nichols; one source says 1754 [Reuben was stationed in Richmond VA during the war of 1812 then moved to Greenbrier Co., VA where he married Barbara Nicholas and moved to Jackson Co., VA for a short period of time. Reuben and Barbara lived near Roanoke, VA then in Ohio before 1825, when they moved to Chicago, IL. They then lived in Vermillion Co., IN for a period of time and some time later moved to Monroe Co., WS. Reuben was the administrator of his Uncle's Abraham estate.]

10 Apr 1769 From Chalkley's: Page 209.--10th April, 1769. Isaac Brackfield's. estate appraised, by Adam Reider, John Thomas, Rudie Mauk.

11 Apr 1769 From Chalkley's: Page 334.--11th April A. D., 1769 (vid p. 150, supra.). The moveable effects of Isaac Brackfield. deceased, sold at public auction as follows, viz: Drs. William Barefield, John Bear, Anthony Rader, Michael Lamb, Jacob Holman, Mathias Rader, Jacob Miller, Conrad Humble, Michael Kintner, Thomas Pickens, James Johnson, Christopher Brackfield, George Kintner, Saml. Nicholas, Rese Thomas, Martin Craider, Adam Rader, Sr., George Trumbo, James Cain, James Beggs, Michael Hannegam, Jacob Brackfield.

25 Dec 1769 son Michael Rader married Catherine Long at Augusta, VA

1771 dau Margaret Rader born at Shenandoah, VA; married Robert Shanklin on 28 Apr 1795 ["Rogers" on the Marriage Bond on April 28, 1795 Rockingham Co., VA. Marriage Bond Book A, page 645. She is listed as daughter of Adam, deceased, by consent of Guardian, Charles Chestnut, and he also signed for surety]

14 May 1771 Augusta County Deed Book 17, page 213, 5-14-1771. Alexander Painter and Margaret to Christly Painter, 100 pounds, parts of several tracts pat. To said Alexander on waters of North River, Shenandoah, Thomas Moore’s survey, crossing Fast  Run: corner land purchased by Alexander from ADAM RAIDER, containing 279 acres.  Del. Christley Painter, Nov. Court, 1773.

19 Jan 1772 Augusta County Deed Book 18, page 430, 01-19-1772.  Adam Painter and Elizabeth to Jacob Myer of Dunmore (Shenandoah Co), pat. to Michael Niece, on N. side of Alexander Painter’s line. Del. Michael Hoover Nov. Court, 1773.

23 Jan 1773 From Chalkley's: Page 79.--23d January, 1773. William Stalp's (Stolp?) will--Executors, wife Elizabeth, son John; blacksmith tools to be sold; to son, John; to daughter. Margaret; daughter, Mary; to son, Hennery, both old and new plantations. "And 1 further order for my loving wife one-half of the plantation to Adam Orban joining to the County line." "Margaret and Mary to have as much as the two oldest daughters had when they married." To residuary legatees. wife and children John Stalp, Catherine, Elizabeth, Margaret, Mary, Henry. Teste: Adam Reader (and two German names) Proved, 18th May, 1773. By Mathias Lair and Catherine Lair (Leher?). Executors qualify (Catharineher mark) with John Gratton, Mathias Lear.

18 Apr 1773 Adam RADER died at Rockingham, VA [ADAM READER died April 18, 1773. He undoubtedly died at his plantation near Timberville, VA at the age of 67. There is a small cemetery located on a hill in front and to the south of the historic home. He and ANNA BARBARA were probably buried there.] [one source says 1783 in Shenandoah, VA] Adam Reader was administrator. [From Chalkley's: Page 82.-- A copy and translation of the will of Adam Reader, deceased, April 18th, 1773--To wife and true helpmate; to son, Mathias Reader; to son, George Reader; to son, Anthony Reader; to son, Adam Reader; to 3 daughters. Deed to be made for land sold to Nicholas Carn. Abram Bird and testator's son Adam shall pay £20 that they received from Jacob Hite in the name of my daughter Elizabeth, which is to be shared between her 3 children. Teste: Jacob Cepliner, Anthony Reader, Jacob Mire (Mover). 18th May, 1773--Translation proved by Jacob Moyer and will proved by Jacob Moyer and Jacob Kiplenger. Adam Reader qualified with Jacob Trumbo, Jacob Bear, Abraham Bird. Page 119.--18th April, 1773. Adam Reader's estate appraised by John Thomas (2 Germans).

1 Sep 1773 From Chalkley's: Page 153--1st September, 1773. The will of John Bender literally translated--To dear father and mother; to wife, Catharine; to sister, Margaret; to three sisters. Teste: John Bear, Adam Rader, Conrad Holle Proved, 16th November, 1773. This will of John Bender, alias Painter, 131 proved by Jacob Mayer to be a true translation, and by Bear and Holle. Administration granted Catharine Painter, who qualifies (mark) with John Bear, Nicholas Keern, Christian Painter.

2 Sep 1773 From Chalkley's: Page 162.--2d September, 1773. William Stalb's estate appraised by Jacob Mayer, Anthony Reader, Adam Reader.

1773 Adam Rader adjoining his own land. [ABSTRACTS OF LAND SURVEYS]

14 Mar 1774 Adam Rader to Mathis Rider 50 pounds, 100 acres, part of 400 acres on North River,  Shenandoah, pat to Cornelius Robinson, 3-14-1774 conveyed by him to Adam.

3 Jun 1776 dau Elizabeth Rader born at Shenandoah, VA; married John Heller on 22 Mar 1794 [Marriage Bond is found in Marriage Bond Book 1772-1850, page 66. It states, "Elizabeth, daughter of Margaret (indicating Adam had died by that date]

1776 Named Captain in Augusta Co., VA militia [Rev. War: Pvt. in Shenandoah Volunteers. With his uncle Anthony, brother Adam, and Capt. Abraham Lincoln (the grandfather of President Lincoln) formed more companies of volunteers. Part of Dunmore's troops in 1774 during march to Point Pleasant. Jun 9 1778 sworn in as Justice of VA by Patrick Henry. Came to Greenbrier Co VA abt 1790, settled at Rader Valley near Lewisburg. Moved to Jackson Co WV abt 1800 and settled near Gay WV on a 1,000 acre farm where he and his wife are thought to be buried, his monument is at Mt Olive Cem, Gay WV]

1776 When the War for Independence began Adam was too old to fight but his sons and grandsons joined the fight. His son Anthony is a Captain who fights at Williamsburg and Hot Watercreek, VA. His other son George was a private who preached daily and was given a copy of "Whitfield's Sermons" by George Washington. Conrad, Henry, Michael and Shadrach Rader, grandsons of Adam and sons of Adam and Margaret, all served and received pensions except Shadrack.

16 Oct 1777 Augusta Co., VA was divided into four battalions; the lower one lead by Captain Adam Reader, Abraham Lincoln and others. [Augusta Co VA Militia]

25 Jun 1778 He made a deed in Shenandoah Co., to Ulrich Waggoner as directed in his father's will. Deed Book D, page 5.

27 Nov 1780 Fined for not appearing as member of the grand jury.

1780 Anthony Reader adjoining Adam Reader. [ABSTRACTS OF LAND SURVEYS]

1783 Michael Rader assignee of Andrew Hudlow. [ABSTRACTS OF LAND SURVEYS] 1783: Margaret Reeder was head of family in Shenandoah Co, VA - His wife was appointed executor of his estate and was bonded for that purpose. These records are found in the Will Book and Administrator Records in the Shenandoah Co, VA.

1783 David Miller adjoining Adam Raders. [ABSTRACTS OF LAND SURVEYS]

1785 Joseph Rambo adjoining Michael Raiders. [ABSTRACTS OF LAND SURVEYS]

1789 Jacob Hufft adjoining Adam Rader[ABSTRACTS OF LAND SURVEYS]

1789 Louis Fuller adjoining Mathew Rader. [ABSTRACTS OF LAND SURVEYS]

1790 Federal Census, Orangeburg, SC-Margaret Zimmermon: Males <16=1; females=3; Slaves=7 (doc) {not sure if this our Margaret]

1790 Anthony Rader adjoining Adam Rader.

1791 William Herring adjoining George Rader and Adam Rader.

1795 Margaret Maria ZIMMERMAN died at Rockingham, VA

1773 or 1783 Adam Rader will, on file in the Augusta County Court House is signed "Hans Adam Roder". A translated copy of the will is in the Will Book 5, page 32. "this is my last will, I, Adam Reader in this world had to do. The first, I recommend my soul to God that Created me and through his Beloved Son which redeemed me and my Body to the Earth from Whence I was taken. Further so shall my beloved wife and true help mate have the plantation as I had it. Also she is to have thirds of all the grain that is raised on the Plantation without being interrupted from making cider and dried apples, as much as she will. Also so shall my oldest son Mathias pay for his land as his father valued it. Also my son George Reader have his land paying for it as his father appraised it and my son Anthony shall have his land at the price he paid for it and my son Adam shall have the plantation his father lived on. My Negro man shall have his choice to go to which of my youngest sons he chooses also each of my daughters shall have as much as one of my sons excepting the land. Also my son Adam Reader shall make deeds for three pieces of la..] [Margaret Reeder was head of family in Shenandoah Co., VA His wife was appointed executor of his estate and was bonded for that purpose. These records are found in the Will Book and Administrator Records in the Shenandoah Co., VA]

Service Source: Wanger, The Descendants of Rev Jacob Price, pp 586,587, 559; NSDAR Patriot Index 1966 p553; Vol III Records of Augusta Co, VA pp128, 530; VA Valley Records, Wayland p107; PA Archives, Series 5 Vol VI, pp83,114,129,541 (original dated 2-7-1966); McAlister, VA Militia p253 Service Desc: Rank: PRIVATE FIRST CLASS