Captain Maximiliano Luna
A New Mexico Rough Rider
by Richard Melzer with Introduction by Paul Andrew Hutton
408 pages 150 illustrations 6 x 9 SBN 978-1-943681-62-4 ($19.95pb)


Richard Melzer’s biography of Captain Maximiliano Luna is far more than
a simple tale of military glory, for the author has placed this young soldier
within the context of the unique place that is New Mexico…. It is altogether
fitting…that this modern aristocrat of Southwestern letters should be the
author of this marvelous biography of New Mexico’s lost political and
military aristocrat. Maximiliano Luna deserved to be rescued from historical
obscurity—his legacy was indeed fortunate to be placed in the talented hands
of Richard Melzer.
Paul Andrew Hutton, Distinguished Professor of History,
University of New Mexico

Theodore Roosevelt called his men “children of the dragon’s blood,” those
Rough Riders who bravely followed him up Cuba’s Kettle and San Juan hills
in the face of blistering Spanish rifle and artillery fire. Surely no Rough Rider
deserved that title more than Captain Maximiliano Luna of New Mexico.
Yet his fascinating life has remained in the shadows of history – until now.
Richard Melzer thankfully gives us Luna’s vibrant story for the first time in
this thoroughly researched and important biography. Both hero’s tale and
tragic reminder of the supreme cost of war, it’s a read I highly recommend.
Mark Lee Gardner, author of Rough Riders: Theodore Roosevelt, His Cowboy
Regiment, and the Immortal Charge Up San Juan Hill

Richard Melzer is a Regents professor of history at the University of New
Mexico’s Valencia campus. A former president of the Historical Society of
New Mexico, he is the author of two dozen books and over a hundred articles
on New Mexico history.