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Isaac Cooper ( ) m.

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1790 US Census 
1790 Land Warrant 
1800 Will 
1800 War Bounty Land warrant 
Military Headstone certificate 

1770 settled at Wrightsborough, Georgia 
1787 went to South Carolina 
1793 went back to Wrightsborough, Georgia 

Haplogroup R1b Lineage 23 DNA Kit #23046, John C. Cooper Contact:maxrace[at] 
1 - Isaac Cooper (ca 1735 PA - ca 1820 GA) - Prudence Dunn (ca 1740NC - ca 1825 GA) 
2 - Benjamin Cooper (13 Oct 1759 NC - 10 Jul 1844 IN) - Ferribee Sanders (15 Sep 1756 NC - 9 May 1848 IN) 
3 - Joel Cooper (26 Feb 1788 GA - 6 Feb 1866 IN) - Nancy (Blue) Alloway (19 Jan 1806 NC - 11 Mar 1888 IN) 
4 - Joel Sanders Cooper (30 Nov !837 GA - 1 Apr 1915 MO) - ChristineRiley (29 Jan 1857 IN - 9 Mar 1926 IA) 
5 - Eugene Russell Cooper (20 Sep 1888 MO - 9 Apr 1959 IN) - LucyStokes Fisher (29 May 1891 Ill - 30 Dec 1982 FL) 
6 - Eugene Russell Cooper Jr. (17 Mar 1918 IA - 14 Dec 1986 Ill) -Mary Elizabeth Grace (24 Jun 1920 OH - 24 May 2006 IN) 
7 - John Charles Cooper (01 Jul 1949 IN - living) 
The list above is a proven list back to my furthest known ancestorback in time. 
My 25-Marker Test reveals that my Cooper-line is the same Cooper-lineof James Fenimore Cooper, although not directly. My oldest knownancestor is older than JFC. 
Isaac is shown in the tax records of Bladen County, NC in 1763 andwent on to Wrightsboro GA about 1770. They left the Quaker colonyabout 1805 and passed through TN and on to Ohio. 
Benjamin went on to IN and Joel settled in Putnam County In about1830. 
Joel Sanders was married five times, was an assistant surgeon atCumberland Gap during the civil war, lived in IN, MO, then back to INand chose to die in Kansas City, MO. He is buried with his third wife. 
Eugene R. married Lucy at her father's home in El Paso TX , in 1920they drove from St Paul MN to El Paso TX in a Stearns Knight touringcar camping along the way. 
My father Eugene Jr. was but 18 months old at the time and hisgrandmother Christine's mother Julia Carroll was along at the age of79. It was quite the experience. Eugene Jr. became a draftsman forAllison Division at General Motors despite only an 8th grade educationand was named on several patents from work on the Turbo-prop enginesthey produced. 
I was born in Boone County, IN, served 7-yrs in the US Navy during theVietnam War and am now retired from several jobs in electronics. 
My quest is to find the link from Isaac on back to PA and prove thefamily lineage back to England. Thanks for all your help with theCooper Lines.