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Check out these items to learn more about awards and information about the Hispanic and Spanish Colonial arts and culture. You can also find selected articles above from Tradicion Revista on artists profiles and feature articles.


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Art & Artists
Galleries & Museums
History/research & information
Magazines & Journals
Saints & Santos

Some artists have websites and some only have email. If the website address is known we have linked it here. Otherwise the link is to their email address.

Art & Artists
Gaby Aguirre-Guglielmo
Marco Albarran
Francesca Anatra
Danny Baldonado
Joseph Barbaccia
Rosa Maria Calles de Aragon
Christine Montano Carey
Charles M. Carrillo
Marie Romero Cash
Anthony Castillo
Jose Tito Chavez
Polly Chavez
H Cordova
Lawrence Cordova
Sam Cordova
Orae Dominguez
Ramona Vigil Eastwood
Martha Ewing
Cristina Hernandez Feldewert
Al Florence
Patti Gallegos
Ruben Gallegos
Frank Gracia
Joseph Garcia
Lorrie Garcia
Ronald Garcia
Victoria Garcia-Parrett
Christopher Gibson
Victor Goler
Julia Gomez
Andy Gonzales
Becky Gonzales
Martin Gonzales
Edward Gonzales
Robert Gonzales
Felipe Griego
Priscilla Hibner
Juanito Jimenez
Ray John de Aragon
Ellen Chavez de Leitner
Kathleen Sais Lerner
Lerner Family
Amando Lopez
Arthur Lopez
Felix Lopez
Joseph Lopez
Mari Lopez
Peter Lopez
Krissa Lopez-Moya
Frankie Nazario Lucero
Verne Lucero
Diana Moya Lujan
Ernie Lujan
Jose Pablo Lujan
Marie Luna
MaryJo and George Madrid
Ruben Manetti
Linda Valencia Martinez
Manuel MartInez
Marion Martinez
Darlene Olivia McElroy
Christina Louise Miller
Arturo Montano
Adrian Montoya
Daniel Montoya
Melissa Montoya
Richard Montoya
Rick Montoya
Theresa Montoya
Joe Morales
Terry Ensenat Mulert
Luis Olay
Jesus Arturo Olivas
Jan Oliver
Ben Ortega Family
Nicolas Otero
Marco A. Oviedo
Nikki Palomino
Henry Parra
Daniel Paulos
Frances Perea
Santiago Perez
Carlos Rael
Chester Rail
Ibsen Perelta Ramos
Tomasita Rodriguez
Virginia Romero
Jim Sacoman
James Sais
Francis Naranjo Salazar
John Salgado
Charlie Sanchez
Eduardo Sanchez
Irene Sanchez
Beatrice Maestas Sandoval
Donald Sandoval
Gabriel & Veronica Sandoval
Richard Sandoval
Tony Sandoval
Ellen and Mark Santistevan
Edgar Santos - Tinwork
Arlene Cisneros Sena
Ralph Sena
Catherine Robles Shaw
Roxanne Shaw-Galindo
Rosina Lopez de Short
Bernadine Baca Spiers
Michelle Tapia
John Tollardo
Lisa Trujillo
Catalina Delgado Trunk
Rose A. Vigil
Clare Villa
Mary Antonia Wood

Galleries & Museums
American Museum of Straw Art
Americas Society
The Bancroft Library/UC Berkeley
Ethnic and Multicultural Archive, UC Santa Barbara
Center for Southwest Research, UNM
Colonial Arts, San Francisco
deSaisset Museum/Santa Clara University
El Rancho de las Golondrinas
Heard Museum
Historia Antiques Gallery
Marian Library/University of Dayton
Maxwell Museum/University of New Mexico
Meadows Museum/Southern Methodist University
Medicine Man Gallery
Mexican Folk Art
Millicent Rogers Museum
Montez Gallery
New Mexico CultureNet
New Mexico State University Library
Owings-Dewey Fine Art
Spanish Colonial Arts Society
Theresa's Art Gallery

History/research & information
Antique Tribal Art Dealers Association inc.
California Missions Scholars Association
Chicano Studies Research Center Library, UCLA
Ethnic Studies Library, UC Berkeley
Glossary of Hispanic Folk Terms
Hispanic & Indian Churches in Albuquerque
Hispanic Reading Room, Library of Congress
Hispano Music and Culture of the Northern Rio Grande
Northern New Mexico Virtual Archive
Puerto Rico Culture: Arts and Crafts
Santos of New Mexico: A 400 year tradition
Traditional New Mexican Crafts

Magazines & Journals
Colonial Latin American Historical Review
Wingspread Collectors Guide

Saints and Santos
Christian Devotionals
Feasts and Saints of the Orthodox Church
Medieval Sourcebook: Saints' Lives
Patron Saints List
Patron Saints Information
Saints in Catholic Church