Saddle Up: A Cowboy Guide to Writing
by Slim Randles

Foreword by Max Evans and Introduction by George Cornell

ISBN 978-936744-31-2 $15.95
146 pages, 5 illustrations 5x7

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Straightforward steps to:
• Getting started the right way
• Avoiding common pitfalls
• Eliminating rejection slips
• Getting checks in the mail
Slim Randles has been a journalist, editor, author, sportsman, and speaker. After years of making a living from the pen, he is passing on advice to those who want to write for a living. Slim’s advice is spiced up with his signature view of what the world is and could be. This book is filled with an award-winning author’s gentle but firm words to live and write by.

In my many decades of living, working and reading in the great state of New Mexico, there is no one better than Slim Randles at writing 500 to 1,000 words. Slim’s sense of the tragedy and comedy of life was expertly done. — Max Evans, author of The Rounders, Bluefeather Fellini, and The Hi-Lo Country.

Building memories and stories is what it’s all about. Writing is hard work at times but if you have the desire and need to write, as Slim does, life can be a wonderful thing. Let’s hope you heed his advice and enjoy the fruits that are waiting to be plucked.
— Dr. George L. Cornell, Professor and Director Emeritus, History and American Studies and the Native American Institute, Michigan State University

Slim Randles learned mule packing from Gene Burkhart and Slim Nivens. He learned mustanging and wild burro catching from Hap Pierce. He learned horse shoeing from Rocky Earick. He learned horse training from Dick Johnson and Joe Cabral. He learned humility from the mules of the eastern High Sierra.
For the last 40 years or so, he’s written a lot of stuff, too, especially in his
Home Country column, which is syndicated all across this country.
He lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and in a small cabin in the middle of nowhere at the foot of the Manzano Mountains.

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